Your home fully listed for 1.5% listing commission til it's sold on MLS®!

Have you finally decided that your home no longer fits your needs and it's time to make a move? Make sure you aren't paying high commissions for mediocre service.

You may be wondering if this is some sort of gimmick to get your business. I'll just stop you right there. I'm always looking out for new clients and what better way to attract the best clients - put money back in their pockets.

Ya but the 1.5% is just one side of the commission. Don't I still have to pay the other agent a commission too?

You're right, there is another side to commissions - a portion of the sale price which is given to the other agent that brings in a buyer in a negotiated deal. This other commission (usually a percentage of 2.5%) is not something I choose to advertise simply because it's not an exact number. Why would I only want to save you money on my end if I could also potentially save you some money on the commission as a whole. Look, the same way we will look at comparable property sales, we will also have a look at what commissions were paid out on the other end. Sometimes you don't have to offer a whole 2.5% to get top dollar for your property. The commissions structure is really its own market and that should be considered when selling your home. I have the right idea and I have no problem showing you other ways to save as well. Start by sending me an email.

So how much could i potentially be saving?

As an example let's use a sold price of $600,000

Your listing cost of 2.5% (with some other agent) $15000 = $600,000 x 2.5%
Your listing cost of 1.5% (with yours truly) $9000 = $600,000 x 1.5%

Your co-operating cost of 2.5% (to the buyers agent) $15000 = $600,000 x 2.5%
Your co-operating cost of 2.0% (to the buyers agent) $12000 = $600,000 x 2.0%

Your potential savings could be $9000. All because you chose me to represent and save you money.