A Further Look Before You Buy

By: Nick Mirijello

A Further Look Before You Buy

Tags: Digging deeper, What to look out for, Before you make the offer

Would you say it's important to have the most information before you put an offer in on a property? I'm no psychic but I would guess that your answer to this would be a big YES!! 

While I go around looking at properties with clients I've found their interest generally lies with focusing on the aesthetics, layout, etc. And that's exactly what they should be looking at - to see if the property fits with what they need and want. So while you're looking around I'm also having a look. Except what I am looking out for may be a little different. I've already selected this property based on your criteria. Now what I'm thinking is if you decide to make an offer on this property, is there any more information that I haven't seen from either the listing sheet, the listing agent, the comparables, or any other source that would potentially affect your decision on what you would be comfortable paying to own the property.

While a Realtors toolbox normally consists of a pen, laptop, camera, and maybe a measuring tape, I'd like to also have ready a few other gadgets which includes an outlet tester. While I would not consider myself an expert in home inspections nor do I present myself as anyone other than your realtor looking out for your best interests, I would consider using my knowledge and simple tools to take an extra step and see if what you're about to make an offer for matches the value that I see in terms of the condition of any home.

So what does an outlet tester do, and how will it affect my decision?

When plugged into an outlet, a tester will indicate the condition of the wiring for the outlet. It will clearly show whether that outlet is wired correctly and can provide you with a very general indication of whether the electrical within the home was done properly.

Within an offer you may have made a decision on what to offer based on other factors including a condition to purchase based on the outcome of a home inspection. But what if you had some indication as to the condition of the property even before you made a decision on price - would that affect the price you'd be willing to offer? I think it would, and that's why I look to take these extra steps to provide you the most information that I can gather outright, not just after any inspections.